Pilot Emergency Parachutes

In production since late 1970, the Free Flight Preserve line of parachute canopies offers the best reliability for a pilot emergency reserve parachute system. First introduced for skydivers, the Preserve saved hundreds lives. Today, aircraft pilots and personnel use the Preserve as their canopy of choice for an emergency parachute system. Pilots who use them and riggers that pack them know our parachute worldwide.

In 1986, Free Flight collaborated with Para-Phernalia, Inc. to use the Preserve canopies in their SOFTIE line of pilot emergency parachutes. Our Preserve being the only round parachute of choice, Para-Phernalia designed the SOFTIE product line, which includes the Mini, Micro and Wedge Backpacks as well as a seat-pack style.

The Preserves are a block construction with F-111 fabric, a low CFM (cubic feet per minute) material that provides ideal stability and performance. The canopy is available in two designs:

Preserve I and Preserve III

These are conical canopies, or cone-shaped. This is a popular choice in the parachute industry because of its high-drag coefficient. The reefing system is a full-diaper with a protection flap, which protects air from entering the wind channel.

The Preserve V

This is a hemispherical canopy and rated for pilot weights of 220-275 pounds. The hemispherical shape provides excellent stability and inflation driven by this weight and high-speed category.

The Preserve V is equipped with a unique deployment device that allows an orderly staged deployment. The device includes a Center Control Line, an Incremental Bridle with a lazy leg section, and a series of break tie wraps. During canopy extension on deployment, the brake ties prevent air from entering the wind channel until the canopy, lines, and bridle have reached maximum extension.

Model / FAA TSO Gores Item Weight (lbs) Diameter (ft) Sq ft Pilot weight max (lbs) Manufacturer’s Recommended Maximum Limits Suspension lines
Preserve I

TSO c23b
22 7.0 19.3 420.0 220 150 knots 550 lbs
Preserve III

TSO c23b
20 6.0 17.5 382.0 180 150 knots 400 lbs
Preserve V

TSO c23d
20 8.0 19.1 580.0 275 150 knots 550 lbs

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